Starting School - Hardcover Book

Starting School - Hardcover Book

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Tim, Hannah, Sunita, Joe and Polly are all off to school for the first time. Would you like to meet them and see how they go? There are new friends to make, fun ways to learn, and lots of different things to discover.

From Jane Godwin and Anna Walker comes this beautiful book focussing on the experiences and feelings of five very different children as they begin at school for the first time.

Jane's simple words and ideas combine with Anna's gentle and detailed illustrations to help children feel comfortable about taking this big step.

A must-read for children, parents, and educators alike to help children with-
  • Understanding and managing emotions and feelings such as nervousness, excitement, and fear
  • The value of teamwork, making new friends and how to form new relationships
  • The fun of learning and discovering new subjects, activities, and skills
  • The benefits of going to school, such as gaining knowledge, developing independence, and growing as a person
  • The role of teachers, schools, and education in shaping their future
  • The importance of being curious, asking questions, and exploring the world around them
  • Building confidence, resilience, and self-esteem in a new environment
  • Understanding and embracing diversity, such as different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives
  • Developing reading and visual literacy skills, as well as imagination and creativity

Jane Godwin Illustration: Anna Walker