Nurturing Baby & Mama

The most treasured heirlooms are the sweet memories of our family that we pass down to our children.

Conscious Motherhood | Holistic Child | Sustainable Lifestyle

Nurture Thy Seed began as a quest for products made from organic, natural fibres that were sustainable and would become heirloom items to be passed on to future generations.

An ambient space created for you to engage with, belong to and seek pure joy from, in your journey to find baby and mama essentials from the beginning of conception to birth and beyond. We encompass hues that are earthy, rustic and muted and that reflect the ochres and pigments of the rich and vast Australian landscapes that surround us.

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Our Journey

Whilst pregnant with my first baby Zimi, Jarrod and I were challenged in finding products for our daughter and myself in stores that were made from natural fibres and pure ingredients. So we resorted to sourcing products from online shops who had a similar vision to ours as new parents.

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Our Products

Each of our products are sourced with the highest care and consideration. We have chosen each product that best will serve and nurture you and your family in this wild and wonderful season together.