Whilst pregnant with my first baby Zimi, Jarrod and I were challenged in finding products for our daughter and myself in stores that were made from natural fibres and pure ingredients. So we resorted to sourcing products from online shops who had a similar vision to ours as new parents.

Nurture Thy Seed was born from a necessity to be able to purchase a variety of different items in one place.

I am excited to bring you my most loved brands that I have used for myself and Zimi in our first year together. Conscious brands that I have intentionally curated for motherhood, for the holistic child and to nurture a sustainable lifestyle.

I understand that sustainability is a journey and I am committed to researching and ensuring that, as a brand, Nurture Thy Seed will continue to evolve to source the most sustainable products available to uphold my vision.

My vision is to make sustainable choices easier for families and I know that you will purchase with purpose from my online store.

I am beyond grateful that you are supporting me and my small business. Thank you so much for playing a pivotal role in the growth of my store.

~ Greta ~


Quality first

We started sourcing the products we wanted to see in the world and we did this with an uncompromising approach to sustainability and care.

our collections

With items for pregnancy, postpartum, baby, lifestyle, and family, our collections have been carefully sourced and curated for you.